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Este verano organizaremos una cumbre para adolescentes en Los Ángeles, California. Esta es una cumbre de tres días y permitirá a las niñas desarrollar habilidades de comunicación, etiqueta y más. ¡Me encantaría que los miembros de su familia participaran en nuestra cumbre para adolescentes este año!

  • Clase de cocina

  • Pasarela / Clase de moda

  • Yoga

  • Educación financiera

  • Clase de etiqueta

  • Curso de autocuidado

  • Quédate de viernes a domingo en una casa de lujo.

  • 3 comidas al día

  • Su equipo de movimiento




  • Her Movement Gear

  • Financial literacy

  • Etiquette Class

  • Self Care Course

  • Mental Health & Wellness

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Environmental Advocacy

  • Leadership & Civic Engagement

Registration Process: Ready to join us for an unforgettable experience?


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Benefits of Attending:

  • Connect with like-minded peers

  • Learn valuable skills and knowledge

  • Gain inspiration and motivation to create positive change


What should I bring to the summit?

-We recommend bringing a notebook, pen, water bottle, and an open mind!

Is there a dress code for the summit?


-There is no formal dress code, but we recommend wearing comfortable clothing suitable for a day of learning and networking.

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Here are a few topics that will be covered at the teen summit:

  1. Mental Health Awareness: Addressing stigma, promoting self-care practices, and providing resources for support.

  2. Diversity and Inclusion: Celebrating differences, combating discrimination, and fostering a sense of belonging for all.

  3. Cyberbullying and Online Safety: Educating teens about the dangers of cyberbullying and how to stay safe online.

  4. Environmental Sustainability: Exploring ways to protect the environment, reduce waste, and promote sustainable living.

  5. Leadership and Civic Engagement: Empowering teens to become leaders in their communities and participate in civic activities.

  6. Healthy Relationships: Discussing the importance of respect, communication, and consent in friendships and romantic relationships.

  7. Financial Literacy: Teaching teens about budgeting, saving, investing, and avoiding debt.

  8. Career Exploration: Providing information about different career paths, educational opportunities, and skills development.

  9. Peer Pressure and Substance Abuse: Offering strategies for resisting negative peer pressure and making healthy choices.

  10. Social Justice and Activism: Inspiring teens to advocate for equality, justice, and positive social change.

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