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Here are some organizations and resources that might be beneficial:

1. **National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):** They offer support and resources for families dealing with mental health challenges. Local chapters often provide support groups, education, and advocacy.

2. **** This government website offers information on mental health services, including resources for families, treatment options, and how to find help in your area.

3. **Feeding America:** This nationwide network of food banks provides resources for families struggling with food insecurity. They have a locator tool to find local food banks and assistance programs.

4. **No Kid Hungry:** This organization focuses on ending child hunger in America, providing resources for families to access nutritious food, including school meal programs and community resources.

5. **Local Community Health Centers:** Many health centers offer mental health services and can also provide information on local food assistance programs.

6. **211:** Dialing 211 can connect you to a wide range of local resources, including mental health services, food assistance programs, and family support services.

7. **Family Resource Centers:** These centers, often available at local schools or community centers, offer a variety of resources, including mentoring programs, mental health support, and food assistance for families.

8. **Churches and Nonprofit Organizations:** Many religious institutions and nonprofits run programs that offer a combination of mentoring, mental health support, and food assistance for families in need.

When seeking support through these resources, consider reaching out directly to inquire about their specific programs and services. Some organizations might offer comprehensive support that addresses multiple needs, while others might focus on a specific aspect, so finding the right fit for your family's requirements is essential.

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