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Self-care has become extremely important since and before the pandemic. These are the tips that I personally incorporate in my every day life.

✅ Water 💧 - I personally drink water each day to flush out all of the toxins in my system. Normally, I add blueberries, strawberries, limes, and lemons to my water for flavor.

✅ Candles 🕯- I am a home scent junky. I light candles from dust to dawn. Some of the candles are from my collection and some are not. Candles set the perfect mood for a relaxing day.

✅ Books 📚 - knowledge is wealth! All of her books have been life-changing.

✅ Exercise 💪🏽 - Health is wealth! I work out Monday- Friday. It is a perfect time ⏱ to challenge yourself. Sis set that fitness goal.

Lavender Candles

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